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Can you ever go back to Ajax once you Web 2.0 with Flex 2.0?

The Flex 2 framework and the Eclipse-based Flex Builder 2 IDE provide you with a superior development workflow for creating web applications. You can create rich user interfaces quickly by using features such as data binding, application states, custom components, effects, and transitions.

Join Aral Balkan, the Lone Ranger of the Flash Platform at dConstruct, as he shows you how easy it is to use open data, consume web services and create mashups in Flex 2 by using open source ActionScript 3 libraries for Flickr, Mappr, Odeo, and YouTube.

Warning: This session may alter your preconceptions about the Flash Platform.

Aral Balkan at dConstruct 2006

About Aral Balkan

Aral Balkan is an internationally renowned expert on Rich Internet Applications and the Flash Platform. He coordinates Open Source Flash and provides consulting and training services through his Brighton-based company, Ariaware, to a range of clients who develop applications and web sites with Flash Platform technologies such as Macromedia Flash and Flex2, ARP, MTASC and AMES. His passions include Software Architecture and Human-Computer Interaction — in other words, making solid, usable applications.

Aral is a published author and has co-wrote the books “Flash MX Most Wanted Components” and “Flash MX Most Wanted 3D Cheats” for Apress and is the director of the London Macromedia User Group. Aral regularly gives talks at international Flash conferences. In 2006 he is scheduled to speak at FlashForward (US), Flash In The Can (Canada), Multimania (Belgium), Spark Europe (Netherlands) and d.Construct (UK).

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