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Web Services for Fun and Profit


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About this talk

Over the last year the Yahoo! Developer Network has opened up dozens of sites and services to external software developers, with APIs for Yahoo! Search, Flickr,, Yahoo! Maps, and many others. More recently Yahoo! has started adopting microformats on Yahoo! Local and

Simon and Paul will be peeking behind the Yahoo! firewall, showing how these services are created and discussing some of the lessons learned in releasing them to the public. They will also show how a company can make use of web services internally to solve real-world technical problems, encourage innovation, and make work more enjoyable.

Paul Hammond at dConstruct 2006

About Paul Hammond

Paul Hammond is a web developer and project manager. He has been building websites for as long as he can remember, and was part of the Technology Development team at Yahoo!. He maintains a website at and regularly speaks about everything from javascript to the future of interactive broadcasting.

About Simon Willison

Simon Willison worked for Yahoo! on the Technology Development team. He is an experienced client- and server-side developer and maintains a long running technical weblog. He is one of the hackers behind Django, the open-source Python web framework aimed at “web developers on journalism deadlines”.

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