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Human Traffic


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About this talk

Denise and George want to talk to you about a few community-based projects they’ve worked on. They’ll delve into strategies and ideas around building a sense of place, and discuss the dynamics they have observed by watching people get comfortable… so comfortable there’s a sense of ownership and possession.

George Oates at dConstruct 2007

About George Oates

George is an online application designer fascinated by the human condition. She is a founding member of the award-winning team that built Flickr, and finds herself constantly delighted by things like user-contributed content, interaction design, organic information systems and sunsets.

About Denise Wilton

Denise Wilton was the graphic designer at UK startup She looked after the overall look-and-feel, from online graphics to print and packaging. Denise was also the ‘community manager’, keeping a keen eye on partnerships and developing communities based around the MOO products. Prior to MOO, she was variously self employed, a Creative Director at Emap (UK publishers), and senior designer at Wheel. Denise is a co-founder of b3ta and has written articles for MacFormat, Computer Arts and Design Week.

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