Leisa Reichelt

Waterfall Bad, Washing Machine Good


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About this talk

There is a commonly held belief that Agile Methods and User Centred Design do not play nicely together. On the contrary, Agile and UCD have much to offer each other. Each can learn and benefit from the other, and work together as a robust design and development methodology.

Including an introduction to the principles and practices of Agile Methodologies, this presentation explores the opportunities for UCD in an Agile environment, how designers can shape Agile to better support their work, and what designers can learn from Agile methods.

Leisa Reichelt at dConstruct 2007

About Leisa Reichelt

Leisa was a Principal Consultant at Flow Interactive in London, where she practised contextual research and user centred design for clients including Transport for London, the BBC and Moo Print. With a background in Information Architecture and Project Management Leisa has been designing online experiences for more than a decade.

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