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Experience Strategies


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About this talk

Engage in a deep dive into the importance of experience. In this session Peter will cover the historical perspective; lay out the evolution of product categories; demonstrate the competitive advantage that experience provides; explain the importance of thinking about your products in a systems fashion; and cap it off with a discussion of experience strategies and how they can provide stars to sail your ship by.

Peter Merholz at dConstruct 2007

About Peter Merholz

Peter Merholz is President of Adaptive Path, an experience strategy and design firm based in San Francisco. He is an experienced information architect, writer, speaker and leader in the field of designing for user experience. Peter is a regular speaker at Web design and information architecture conferences, including SxSW and the IA Summit.

Peter is perhaps best known for his blog, published since 1998, where he writes about design, business, and technology. In fact, Peter was the person who coined the term ‘blog’ in the first place.

Peter is a passionate teacher, and has travelled throughout the United States and Europe giving one- and two-day workshops on user experience methods and fundamentals.

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