Cameron Moll

Good vs. Great Design


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About this talk

It’s easy to poke fun at bad design, but it’s far more challenging and rewarding to discern differences between good design and great design. This session will teach you practical design techniques for tipping the scales of greatness in your favor, using a blend of graphic design theory, human computing principles, and a communication-centric approach. Learn the difference between concepts such as influence vs. inspiration or machine efficiency vs. user efficiency.

Cameron Moll at dConstruct 2007

About Cameron Moll

Co-author of CSS Mastery and author of Mobile Web Design, Cameron Moll creates meaningful web interfaces that harmonize utility and presentation. His work and advice has been featured by Forrester Research, Communication Arts, National Public Radio (NPR), and many others. He speaks on user interface design at conferences throughout the world, and amid all this craziness he still finds time to play ball with each of his boys.

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